14th April 2024
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Wau: 26 fuel stations closed over inflation

Author: Emmanuel J. Akile | Published: Wednesday, March 20, 2024

A Fuel attendant holding a fuel pump at the filling station along Kimathi Street in Kenya. (Photo: NMG).

At least 26 petrol stations in Wau of Western Bahr el Ghazal State were closed allegedly after the government blocked their bid to adjust to rising commodity prices.

Motorcycle or Boda-boda riders in the area said the petrol stations managers recently increased the prices of one liter of fuel from 2,500 pounds to 3,000.

The decision to adjust prices to the weakening South Sudanese pound was met with mix reaction from the motorists.

The riders said they were surprised this morning when they found out that not a single petrol station has opened in the state capital.

“We woke up this morning and found that prices of fuel have increased, one liter used to be sold at 2,500 pounds in the petrol station, but today it has increased to 3,000,” narrates Yohana Sebit, a boda-boda rider in Wau town.

“But now there is not any petrol station working, they are all closed, yesterday evening they were working, but this morning none of them is working and we are suspecting they want to increase the prices, and it may go beyond the 3,000 pounds per liter.”

Yoke Elinana, another motorcycle rider also affected by the abrupt closure of fuel station, narrated that the fuel crisis is hindering public transport in the state.

“I left the house this morning for work, and I found someone who wanted to be dropped somewhere, and I was surprised that all petrol station is closed this morning, we have fuel crisis here,” he said.

“We don’t know how much they want to increase the liter of fuel, why have they closed all the petrol stations at once.”

“We are relying on these boda-boda business. If I don’t work, I will not be able to get something for my children to eat. I may not get some money today apart from these 1,000 pounds, and I don’t know if I will get fuel for today or not.”

On his part, Sebit Hussein, another boda-boda rider in the state, said the closure of the petrol station in Wau has paralyzed their work.

He called on the state government to address the matter with the petrol station owners.

“There is no work at all, because when I came to the workstation in the morning, I found that petrol stations are closed, now they have increased it to 3,000.”

“How much will get in the day and how much will I charge the passengers; the passengers are also suffering with this economic hardship like us.”

“The foreigners are the ones increasing the prices. Let the government sit down with them and agree on one thing as a way forward, they should be clear and if they are saying the taxes are high, the government should reduce the taxes.”

The petrol stations are stationed in residential areas such as Suk Jou, hai Kosti, eastern bank of Wau, Lokloko. Bilpam, Zagolona among others.

Both the state government and petrol stations managers are yet to comment on the matter.



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