16th July 2024
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Official warns against theft of schoolgirls’ cash

Author: Emmanuel J Akile | Published: Monday, November 27, 2023

Esther Akumu, Director General for Gender, Equity and Inclusive Education at the Ministry of General Education and Instruction.

An official at the National Ministry of Education and Instruction has repeated warnings against misappropriation of the ongoing cash transfers for schoolgirls.

Esther Akumu, Director General for Gender, Equity and Inclusive Education at the ministry, said in an interview with Eye Radio any teacher found taking money from the girls will be punished.

Since last week, over 400,000 schoolgirls have been receiving cash transfers across the country.

According to the program, schoolgirls in Primary 8, and Senior 4 are allocated 32,000 pounds each, while girls in Primary 5, 6, 7, and Senior 1, 2, and 3 get 25,600 pounds each.

“The issue of money taken away by the teachers, yes this is happening, but this time, we have come out with this toll-free number in order for such cases to be reported,” she said on Eye Radio’s Dawn Show.

Ms. Akumu said any teacher found misappropriating the money should be reported to the toll-free line: 0917-647-891

“The teachers should know that we are trying to help them in keeping the enrollment such that their work is appreciated, but if they go far by taking away the little that the girl is supposed to have, then we are saying they are not a teacher.”

“It is just like your daughter, you give her something, you don’t take it away. Why do you do that? So, it means that you don’t deserve to remain in that profession, you better quit and go where you can find money.”

Girls’ Education South Sudan cash transfers are direct payments to girls who are regularly attending school in different classes mainly in the primary.

It aims to address the high rate of schoolgirl dropouts particularly those transitioning from Primary to Secondary school.

The program is also to help improve girls’ access to quality education and to boost social inclusion.



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