23rd July 2024
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Former Tonj East commissioner acquitted of murder charges

Author: Michael Daniel | Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Judge's gavel in courtroom - (Photo: Courtesy).

The High Court in Kuajok of Warrap State dismissed a murder case against the former commissioner of Tonj East in Warrap state on Monday.

John Deng Kok Chan was arrested in May 2023 for having allegedly ordered the extrajudicial killing of Thon Akec Makol, who was also accused of a murder in June 2022.

Mr. Deng was suspended and arrested and the state authorities filed a criminal case against him after Akec’s family reported the case.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Kajok High Court Judge, Malou Yel Akook dismissed the criminal case and pronounced John Deng Kok an innocent man.

In his verdict, Judge Akook stated that there is no sufficient evidence provided to prove that the defendant committed the crime.

The complainants have been given 15 days to appeal the verdict.

“I was jailed in 2023 after police filed a case against me under section 206 of South Sudan Penal cat 2008 for the murdered case. I was accused of extra judiciary killing of Thon Akec Makol in 2022 and he was in jail for killing someone,” Deng said upon his release.

Following his arrest, Deng was sacked and replaced.

“I was jail since May 2023, and I was released on 26th of February 2024 in his judgement today the judge says there is not any evidence been provided that I give the killing order.”

John Deng Kok Chan called on his political party to reinstate him as the commissioner of Tony East, adding that he was unjustly removed.

“As the verdict show the dismissed of the case, I am calling upon my party leader SPLM IO that since the criminal case filed against me been dismissed aim calling for reinstitute me in my former position as commissioner of Tong East County.”

John Deng Kok Chan was appointed as Commissioner Tong East County through SPLM-IO ticket in February 2022.


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