28th September 2023
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Traffic boss defies cabinet resolution on tinted cars

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Director-General of traffic police in the ministry of interior has defied the cabinet resolution, allowing vehicles with factory tints to move freely in the country.

On the 14 June, the minister of information announced that such vehicles are exempted from the order that had earlier banned them.

“If you are using a tinted car that is tinted from the company, then you are exempted, proved that the glass is from the company,” Makuei said after the regular council of ministers meeting in Juba that day.

The parliamentarians and activists had earlier described the crackdown as “irresponsible, dangerous and unlawful” – especially after the interior minister ordered the organized forces to gun down the motorists.

However, the traffic cops last week returned to the road – harassing motorists over factory tints.

They charge 7,000 Pounds – which they say gives the owner the right to drive around for 6 months – a move lawyers recently said is an organized illegal business.

In an exclusive interview with Eye Radio, the director general of traffic police – Major General. Kon John Akot – said this move was reached at a security committee meeting recently.

“No. Nobody is working alone. There was a directive from the security committee in the country to the forces in the different sectors of the organized forces to do that job – to search all these cars which are tinted and numberless because all these types of cars are committing very dangers crimes at night,” Maj.-Gen. Akot stressed.

“The decision of the Council of Ministers…is in place, but from the legal aspect, the directorate-general did this because any tinted car from the company must be registered.”

Maj.-Gen. Akot said the motorist must pay 5,000 SSP for the tinted license and 2,000 SSP for the sticker.

He could not explain how registration of the vehicles would help reduce the alleged crimes committed by occupants of the cars.

Previously, President Salva Kiir and Defense Minister Gen. Kuol Manyang said most of the night crimes are committed by “weak-hearted” members of the organized forces, particularly National Security, SSPDF, and the regular police.

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