23rd July 2024
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South Sudan directs implementation of e-cargo tracking system

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Trucks at the Nimule Customs yard | Credit | Deng Daniel

The Commissioner for Customs Division has introduced a mandatory Electronic Cargo Tracking Note for all imports and exports to and from South Sudan as importers fume over service charge.

Brigadier General Aduot Ajang said the government will levy a service charge of 350 US dollars on commercials goods entering or leaving through the Nimule border point.

The circular mentioned that the initiative is in line with a cargo tracking deal between the government of South Sudan and Invesco Uganda Limited to combat goods smuggling.

General Aduot directs all clearing agencies to implement the regulation in partnership with the Ugandan firm, to ensure that it is complied with.

According to the circular, all importers and exporters must comply with the tracking system and also pay a mandatory service charge of 350 US dollars after which they will obtain a certificate.

Silas Majok Achirin, the Secretary-General of South Sudan Clearing Agents, said importers on the Ugandan side are trying to resist the initiative.

“The ECTN, the electronic cargo tracking note, that was introduced last week on Friday, and all the trucks that are supposed to come to South Sudan are supposed to have that ECTN,” he said.

“This is what is happening, and currently, most of the trucks are stranded at Malaba because the importers are trying to resist the payment of this $350.”

“So, the clearing is taking place for the trucks that have already come but the new ones that are supposed to go before that system are still.”

An Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN), also known as a Waiver Certificate, is a mandatory shipping document for importing cargo to 25 African countries.

The Cargo Tracking Note is designed to provide local custom authorities with the required information and visibility about the import shipment.

South Sudan Revenue Authority (SSRA) hired Invesco Uganda Limited in January 2024 to install an electronic cargo tracking system in all trucks entering the country.



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