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Pay students in Egypt, education ministry told

Author : | Published: Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Ministry of foreign affairs says it has written to the ministry of education, asking them to pay allowances to students on scholarship in Egypt.

About 150 students have occupied the embassy in Cairo for almost three months now, forcing officials there to work at their homes.

They want the government to pay them the bursaries that they have not received for almost a year now. They say each of them is supposed to be paid about 100 US dollars monthly.

Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mawien Makol, says the responsibility to pay the students is for the ministry of education.

“We wrote to the ministry of Education Science and Technology which is supposed to deal with issues related to the students. And they were supposed to form a delegation to go to Cairo to hear the students’ point of view but till now the committee is not gone yet,” Mr Mawien told Eye Radio.

“The students are now saying they will not vacate the premises of the embassy until this issue is solved,” he said.
The Ministry of Education is yet to comment on the matter.

But previously, the deputy Minister of Education, Bol Makueng, told Eye Radio that their attaché at the embassy briefed them that the students had been paid.

The students’ representative in Cairo, Kuot Makeer, said their living conditions have now worsened.

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