14th April 2024
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Oyet: Kalisto can seek redress in Regional Court if local Judicial process is compromised

Author: Obaj Okuj | Published: Monday, April 1, 2024

Hon. Nathaniel Oyet, the First Deputy Speaker of the parliament - Courtesy

The First Deputy Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly says Kalisto Lado is free to seek redress in regional courts if the local judicial process is compromised.

Oyet Nathaniel Pierino called on the authorities involved in the arrest of the former Juba Mayor to produce him before the court of law.

He has expressed deep concern over what he said continued application of Sections 54 and 55 of the National Security Services Act, 2014.

The sections mandate national security arrests without warrants.

According to Oyet, the former Mayor of Juba City, Mr. Kalisto Ladu, was detained by heavily armed security vehicles late on March 30, 2024.

Lawmaker Oyet is urging the security organs to follow the due process of the law, and promptly present him to the police and the court within 24 hours.

“We expect within 24 hours the former Lord Mayor to be produced to the police and the court, where the court due process will be followed,” Hon. Oyet said.

“If this is not done, and the local judicial process is compromised, then the accused, in this case, the mayor, will be free to seek redress in regional courts such as the East African Court or international courts,” he said.

“Our concern is that the law of the Republic of South Sudan must be followed in both letter and spirit. Failure to do so anybody can open a case against the government of South Sudan in any competent court in the region or elsewhere.”

When contacted by Eye Radio for the second time, the spokesperson of the National Security Service, David John Kumuri says that they are still gathering information and consulting with leadership over the matter.

“We are currently on Easter break, and I am still in the process of gathering information and consulting with leadership. Our work will resume tomorrow,” said John.

“I currently have no information as I am not at my desk, but I will consult with leadership by tomorrow,” he said.

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