21st May 2024
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Nzara commissioner suspended over 9-month absence

Author: Baria Johnson | Published: Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Commissioner Richard Zizi speaks at a community gathering. (Courtesy)

Western Equatoria State Governor Alfred Futuyo Karaba has suspended Nzara Commissioner Richard Zizi over long absenteeism, but Zizi claims he came to Juba for treatment and has been stuck in the capital over lack of transport fare.

The commissioner has been ordered to hold back from his position after disappearing for nine months, according to Futuyo’s spokesperson.

Press Secretary Alex Digi said the governor’s decision followed complaints from his constituents.

“The issue of the suspension on the county commissioner of Nzara County is true. On August 3, the governor issued an order number 12, 2023, on the suspension of county commissioner of Nzara County Hon.Richard Zizi Paulino,” Digi said.

“The suspension is actually based on the request made by the people on the ground because the citizens complained the commissioner left the county for almost nine months.”

Mr. Digi said the people of Nzara have complained that the area had been without a functioning local government.

“His (commissioner’s) reasons of being out was not stated to the state authorities, so that they know why he is out of the county.”

In his response, Commissioner Richard Zizi admitted he has been out of the county for the forementioned period.

However, he said he had come to Juba for medication after falling ill but got stuck due to lack of transport fare.

According to him, he wrote to the governor several times to facilitate his return to the area, but he never received any feedback since them.

“Yes, I have been in Juba for long and there are reasons. First, I was under medication. I was diagnosed with blood sugar, and I almost died,” he told Eye Radio.

“And when I recovered from the sickness, I started writing to the governor for my return. Since that time, I have written several letters through the ministry of the local government which he has not replied to me until am hearing about my suspension.”

Commissioner Zizi claims he is unable to facilitate his return to Nzara because his salary has been suspended since December 2022.

“Why it is the governor to facilitate my return, is because the first thing he did is he suspended my salary since December last year. Up to now, am more than 8 months without salary and that is a grave violation to my family.”

Meanwhile, Press Secretary Alex Digi countered that Commissioner Zizi did not come to Juba for treatment.

He said the official was invited for an official workshop and all the facilitation was provided, but he did not come back since then.

“Hon. Zizi left for Juba for the workshop of county commissioners so he went after the workshop he decided to remain in Juba so here Zizi cannot request for his facilitation to come back to the county.”

“The workshop facilitated everything, so this is just an excuse that he is trying to use. I do not know anything whether the salary was suspended, I just know about the order for his suspension so if there is a suspension of the salary let him come to the state to find out if it is true or not”.





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