23rd September 2023
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Mercy Lino: From a petroleum engineer to a hip-hop rapper

Author: Kafuki Jada | Published: Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Rapper Black Queen speaks on Eye Radio Soundtrack Show. | File photo

Mercy Lino Hassan was on top of her world when she graduated with honors in Petroleum Engineering, but a futile job hunt leaves one unbelievable option at her disposal – to become a full-time hip-hop rapper.

Rather known by her stage name Black Queen, the rapper, and singer possesses an impeccable lyrical rhythm that projects her as one of the best South Sudanese female rappers.

“To be honest, this country is a bit complicated I thought when I graduated with honors in petroleum engineering, it would be easy to find a job,” she said in an interview on Eye Radio’s Soundtrack Show.

The rap queen, who graduated from the East Africa International University in Uganda in 2021, said she was deeply disappointed and fell into depression after two years of exhausting job hunts.

“I applied in many places, but they always say they are not recruiting yet. So, you just sit home and wait. This can depress you, if you follow my Facebook posts you could tell at the beginning of this year, I was in depression.”

Black Queen said being a struggling petroleum engineer as well as a struggling artist made her feel “like a loser.”

“I felt like a loser, taking into account the fact that I was also struggling as an artist. It was like all my efforts went in vain.”

But Queen said she has since kept herself busy with educative activities while using music as a way to liberate herself from the psychological struggle and pressure.

“Now am doing different trainings and projects because if I stay home longer, I would be more depressed. The more you keep your brain busy the better you feel better, so am doing different things like short courses and training.”

Black Queen premiered her latest song titled “Sabi al Nesiya” featuring T-manager following her Extended Play of six songs titled Junubiya.

Her EP sings about the beauty of South Sudan as a country and glorifies the beauty of South Sudanese women.

Black Queen says she hopes to mentor young girls who could face the same career-induced dilemma.



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