25th July 2024
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Kiir urged to intervene in worsening economic situation

Author: Obaj Okuj | Published: February 20, 2024

President Salva Kiir - Credit: Office of the President

Activist Edmund Yakani is calling on President Salva Kiir to take swift action to alleviate the suffering of the citizens amid the worsening economic situation.

In a statement sent to Eye Radio newsroom, Yakani says there is a need for an urgent political decision on the pressing economic situation in the country as the citizens are crying for help intervention.

The Executive Director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization is directing his call specifically to President Salva Kiir and Speaker Jemma Nunu Komba.

According to Yakani, some families are breaking down as they cannot afford the high prices in the market, with children dropping out of school due to the dire economic situation.

“I’m appealing to His Excellency, the president with due respect and Right Honorable Speaker due respect, and honour, we need an urgent political leadership intervention on this pressing economic situation,” Yakani said.

“Citizens are crying and asking you, the leaders. They need quick intervention and rescue to the pressing economic situation,” he said.

“Some families are breaking down children are getting to Streets children are dropping out of school and some families are already losing the unity of the family.”

Today, a 100 US dollar is sold at 146,000 South Sudanese Pounds in the parallel market.

Mr Yakani says the weakening of the pound against the dollar should be the top priority of the upcoming parliamentary seatings.

He also urges the national cabinet to dedicate this Friday’s meeting to discussing the exchange rate crisis.

“We are appealing this week that the council of ministers should be dedicated to focusing on this growing increase of the dollar rate against SSP which is putting the common citizens under economic pressure,” Yakani said.

“We worried that crime rates are going to increase in terms of road ambushes. We may soon see some people with guns looting people’s houses at midnight and we’re urging our security agencies, we appreciate them,” he said.

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