19th June 2024
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Kidnappers kill son of former Governor Clement Wani Konga

Author: Obaj Okuj | Published: Wednesday, October 7, 2020

File: Former Governor Clement Wani Konga

The National Police Service has confirmed the killing of the son of the former Governor of Central Equatoria State, Clement Wani Konga.

Lawrence Al-Fatih Clement Konga was found dead in an area called Mantogu -between Juba and Terekeka County.

According to the police, Governor Wani Konga was travelling with the two abducted young men and his bodyguards when the attacked happened.

“The former Governor was on his way to Terekeka on Sunday, and on the way, the vehicle broke down, so he left the vehicle with his son and his bodyguards and went on foot to the nearest barrack,” said Major General Daniel Justin, police spokesperson.

Joseph Clement Wani Koanga, the brother of the late, also confirmed the incident.

He said the young men were kidnapped by gunmen while returning from a farm. One of those abducted, identified only as Joseph, managed to escape and reported the incident to the authorities.

“After cultivation, the attackers found these young men along the road and captured them,” Joseph Clement narrated, “They were two; Al-Fatih and the other named Joseph. Joseph appeared on the same day and we brought him to Juba.”

Al-Fatih Clement Konga was 26 years old at the time of death.

In a statement to Eye Radio, the national police spokesperson said the body of Al-Fatih was found yesterday in a nearby bush.

He mentioned that bodyguards of the former governor were at the vicinity of the attack and kidnapping.

“His soldiers managed to escape because they were not be able to resist the attackers. But the deceased boy did not flee, so they caught him and took him with them,” Maj.Gen. Justin added, “People started searching for him, but only yesterday his body was found lying on the ground and covered in a nearby forest.”

The police stated that the motive behind the attack and subsequent killing is not clear as the attackers are still at large.

“Investigations are still underway to find out the circumstances of the incident.”

For his part, the former Governor Central Equatoria, Clement Wani Koanga appealed for calm and restrain as the matter is being investigated.

“In case you ended the life of the boy by killing him, I don’t have nothing to add. What we want is peaceful coexistence, and no need to escallate problem,” Wani Konga told the media.

The late Lawrence Al-Fatih Clement Konga was a university graduate with a bachelor’s degree from China.

His brother, Clement Konga also echoed his father ‘statement.

“We appealed to all Mundari that we are not people of trouble, and this boy should not be a cause of trouble for Mundari,” he concluded.

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