19th May 2024
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Kick-boxers urge women to learn self-defence tactics against GBV

Author: Kafuki Jada | Published: Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Two female kickboxers in Juba have encouraged women to learn basic self defence technics to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

Christine, a primary student and a kickboxing champion and Monica, a student at the University of Juba are members of a boxing club in Juba.

They train on daily basis at “Markas Shabab” training center, a youth-led sports ground accommodating different types of sports.

Monica has been practicing kickboxing since 2015 and has won two championships, one of which was won in Uganda.

Speaking on the Soundtrack Show on Eye Radio on Tuesday, they said women should always be ready to defend themselves in the face of physical assaults like rapes.

, knowing how to physically defend yourself and standing up in the face of danger will save one from a lot of danger says Christine while speaking about kickboxing.

“It’s a sport and you feel really physically fit also like when someone attacks you out of the blue or you are walking on the street you can defend yourself,” said Christine.

“When these boys who disrespect you on the street by harassing you whistling at you and all that you must defend yourself because they can turn violent and attack you and with kickboxing, you can defend your sisters as well if you see they are in danger.”

Monica also explained why it’s important that girls participate in kickboxing.

“In the case of South Sudan where we have high forms of GBV increased rape cases and all forms of harassment at least you should know how to defend yourself even if you are attacked in a group.”

“You can fight one and escape the rest, at least you can do something and save yourself. I have encountered harassment but when it turns physical I always defend myself.”

The kickboxers urged women not to shy away from certain sports because of unrealistic gender stereotypes.

“You can join us in Markas Shaba. It doesn’t mean just because we’re in kick boxing you should join kickboxing as well,” said Christine.

“You can join any sport of your choice we have kungfu, dancing sports and karate, and many things please come anytime to our training center.”




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