24th June 2024
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Govt urged not to neglect sports contribution to economic growth

Author: Elsheikh Chol | Published: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Major General Shengeti Bouth Diu, the Director of Sports at the National Police Service - Credit: Moses Awan/Eye Radio September 10, 2023

The Director of Sports at the National Police Service has urged the government not to neglect the contribution of sports to South Sudan’s economic growth.

Major General Shengeti Bouth Diu blamed the National Economic Conference for neglecting sports as an important sector that can contribute to the country’s economy.

He says he expected a sports paper to be presented during the conference to share their challenges and what the sector can do to generate income for the country.

Diu says explained that sports is a big sector that can contribute efficiently to national economic growth.

He believes when well established, the sector will not depend on government support but rather become a revenue generator.

Diu gave the example of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that have turned their focus on sports as an important sector.

“I was expecting the sports paper to be presented by people who understand sports in this national economic Conference, to reflect the issue facing the sector, because is part of this and it has a contribution to the national economy,” said Diu.

“For example, if we host a big sporting event like the recent World Cup or any other continental or international event at a level, we can generate a huge income in hard currency to this country, like VISA fees at entry corridors, hotels, restaurants and from the sale of other Goods from our market by visitors or participants.”

General Shengeti also says the concerned authorities should acknowledge the role of the sports sector in building the national economy.

“We have a major economic role in reviving the economy in the country, so we are supposed to be there at the National Economic conference,” he said.

“We reflect on our problems, and for the country to take care of us and listen to us as sports people about our need in the sports sector to improve and to stand on our feet to help the country not to depend on the country always, we have the capacity, we can invest in the games and players,” he added.

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