26th May 2024
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Government urged to speed up constitution-making process

Author: Moyo Jacob Felix | Published: Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Former judge Geri Raimondo speaks on Eye Radio's Sundown Show. July 31st, 2023. (Photo: Lou Nelson).

A former judge has reiterated calls on the unity government to show political commitment to speed up the permanent constitution-marking process.

Dr. Geri Raimondo Legge says the pending provisions and the permanent constitution would have been written already if there was any political will among the parties.

Raimondo, the former Court of Appeal Judge, and current Chairperson of the Department of Public Law at the University of Juba, added that the delays to implement the peace agreement are prolonging the suffering of the people.

He warns political leaders not to take the silence of the people for granted. He said South Sudanese are aware of the delays and are studying what’s going on.

“If our government has a political will, we can (complete constitution-making process) even tomorrow but the issue is political will and interest,” Dr. Raimondo said on Eye Radio’s Sundown Program on Monday.

“When the government signed this agreement, the people of South Sudan were silent and means that the silence of the people means a concern because we did not oppose them.”

“You know very well, people are silent, but they are studying what is going on and that is the government is trembling. How people are keeping quiet, and we are doing bad things to them: Delaying salaries and doing this, the market prices are high.”

Dr. Geri further advises the citizens to make informed decisions during elections next year.

“My advice to the people is, let us listen to these wrong leaders, give them time to talk until the time comes for elections. During elections, you are free.”

“Elect the right person in the right position, somebody who is delivering services, somebody who is forgetting about themselves, not about themselves.”



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