25th July 2024
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Giada armory blast likely caused by Juba heat: says army

Author: Michael Daniel | Published: February 25, 2024

SSPDF Spokesperson Maj. General Lul Ruai Koang speaks on Eye Radio's Dawn Show. June 9, 2023. | Photo: Awan Moses/Eye Radio

South Sudan army has attributed the cause of a catastrophic fire outbreak that engulfed an ammunition store in Giada military barrack to the extreme heatwaves in the country.

The inferno at the weapon store destroyed ammunitions, triggering loud explosions that sent shockwaves of panic and wild misinformation through the capital on Sunday morning.

Army spokesperson, Major General Lul Ruai Koang confirmed 8 people were injured in the mid-night fire outbreak that tore through the store.

Major General Lul Ruai Koang said those injured include a six-month old baby and a pregnant woman, who later had a miscarriage due to explosion.

General Ruai stated that the other survivors are six servicemen.

“There was no fighting. It was an explosion. Primary suspect in this is hot weather did not bend of this building,” he told reporters.

General Ruai said the damage would have been higher if it was not for the concrete buildings that sustained the blast.

According to him, the ammunition heated up after Juba’s temperature soared to more than 40 degrees on Friday and Saturday.

“The damage would have been very huge. This is a very solid building, very strong, and that’s why it was able to contain the explosion.”

“In the last three days, Juba has been very hot, with temperatures going up to around 40 degrees. And some of the weaponry system we have, some of the shells we have, some of the rounds we have, they do not go together with their hot temperature.”

The official said the government is planning to build modern arms depots to make sure ammunitions are stored in facilities with air conditioning and low temperatures.

“We are saying it must have been ignited as a result of extremely hot weather. What we need to do in the long run is maybe to with proper cooling systems in place to ensure that such occurrences do not happen.”




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