8th December 2023
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Deputy Mayor accuses Juba city council officers of corruption

Authors: Koang Pal | Rosemary Wilfred | Published: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Deputy Mayor of Juba City Council, Thiik Thiik Mayardit during a talkshow on Eye Radio on July 1, 2019 | Joakino Francis/Eye Radio

There is no clear financial record of how much revenue is being collected from the traders in the city, the Deputy Mayor of Juba City Council has said.           

Speaking to Eye Radio on Monday, Thiik Thiik Mayardit said the City Council is ashamed of corruption taking place at the council.

“I am really ashamed to say that the money the City Council officers are collecting from the people is going into their pockets and we are going to be tough on them.”

He said during his visit to Konyo-Konyo market recently, traders raised complaints about council officials collecting huge sums of money from them without authentic receipts.

Mayardit added that the City Council officers who have been collecting money from traders in Juba are committing a crime.

“It’s a crime by looting people properties and we are going to correct this,” he said.

“Our people (city council officials) just go to the shop and say we need this… do you know how much profit does this business make? They go to a small shop and say we need a fine of 100, 000 (SSP), where will this person get the money?”

The Deputy Mayor said the leadership will soon take action against whoever who has been extorting money from traders without accountability.

While commenting on the matter, a lawyer has also criticized the conduct of Juba city council officers who collect money from traders across the capital saying it is unlawful.

Philip Anyang, an attorney with Advocates Without Borders said such actions indicate that the city council has overstepped its mandate.

“We have had enough of the city council for the last more than 10 years, this time around city council must be stopped, or be told that this is where your services should end,” he said.

Anyang advised traders not to comply with payments without proper procedures and documentation.

“Don’t accept to pay taxes that are not within the laws of South Sudan, or not clearly defined because if someone is paying for this things, there must be an instrument showing that you must pay for this.”

He added that the city council is only interested in collecting money and failed to do the work.

“If you look at how is Juba now, it is one of dirtiest cities in the whole world, but nothing is being done by city council instead they are interested in collecting money but not giving the services.”

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