29th May 2024
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How young Col. Garang “sabotaged the enemy” from within on 16 May, 1983

Author : | Published: Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A veteran SPLA General, Alfred Akwoch told Eye Radio how the late, Colonel John Garang sabotaged from within efforts by the Sudanese government and its armed forces to attack mutinying soldiers in Bor, on May 16, 1983.

Gen. Akwoch who is currently an advisor at the Ministry of Wildlife and Conservation, spoke to Eye Radio journalists who visited him in his office ahead of the 34th anniversary of the Sudan People Liberation Army.

He said Dr. Garang persuaded the advancing forces from Juba not to attack Bor, but wait. Gen. Akwoch said the intention by Garang was to delay any reinforcement by the Sudanese army into Bor, to try and quell the soldiers that took up arms against the Sudanese government.

He called it a “delayed tactics.”

Without any regrets in his voice, Gen. Akwoch said what they fought for [liberation] has been achieved. He said the task is now for the new generation to nurture peace in South Sudan.

Listen to Gen. Akwoch narration below:

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