19th April 2024
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7th round of peace talks not started yet- Addis

Author : | Published: Thursday, October 30, 2014

The spokesperson of the government’s delegation to the peace talks says the seventh round of the negotiations has not yet started.

Addressing a press conference in Addis Ababa this afternoon, Michael Makuei blamed the IGAD Mediators for delaying the talks.

He says the government is ready to continue with the peace talks despite the fact the 45 day-period, which was given to them has ended.

“We called you here to inform you that the talks have not yet started. When we are arrived here we were informed that we would be consulted. Meanwhile the consultations could have been done not necessary here but wherever we were. So we have come here to waste our time and our time is being wasted by the mediators, and the mediators are responsible for all this delay. We were given sixty days and the sixty days ended, they know how they ended. And we were given forty-five days and they know now how they have ended and now they come and said the parties are not serious. This statement from the side of the mediators is not acceptable, and it’s not true that the South Sudanese are not serious. But the obstructions come from their side, the mediators who are responsible for all this delay, not the people of South Sudan, not the delegates who are here. But it’s they who know why we have delayed up to this moment”. Makuei said.

Responding to Mr. Makuei, the Deputy Chief Mediator, General Lazaro Sumbeiywo, denied accusations by the government that IGAD is responsible for the delay of the talks.

“The accusations that we have brought very many people, so that we have complicated the issue, and we have left out the people, we know they are representatives. Number two; is the issue of whether the parties have any confidence on us or no. I have never known of any mediation where the party come forward and say we love the medium, and we don’t except that. If they do that and there something wrong in the mediations…..” The Deputy Chief Mediator said.

The seventh round of peace talks has been delayed again. It is expected to start after the summit of the IGAD heads of State this weekend or next week.


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