9th December 2023
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Women urged to stand up, work hard

Author: Charles Wote | Published: Monday, March 9, 2020

PHOTO: From left to right - Awate William and Josephine Keji, Journalism students at Media Development Institute discussing women issues ahead of International Women's Day. Photo by Eye Radio/March 6, 2020

South Sudanese women must demonstrate willingness in order to achieve the 35 percent affirmative action, a group of young women has said.

The revitalized peace Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict South Sudan urges all the parties to empower and engage women in the decision-making process.

This is part of 35 percent that the parties agreed to be given to women during the reconstituted transitional government of national unity.

Last month, a youth advocacy organization the Okay Africa Foundation, says young women should be engaged in the decision making processes in the new unity government.

Christina Nyalel Malou is a Journalism student in Juba at Media Development Institute or MDI.

Speaking to Eye Radio on International Women’s Day, Christina says women must prepare and show a willingness to take their places at all levels of the government.

“For us [women] to be given the remaining 15%, we have to show that we are ready and deserve the 35% and more so that at least they see that we are really willing to get the remaining 15%,” said Christina.

“We can only achieve that if we have dreams. You have to have a dream before someone tells you that you have to do this.”

Anika Faibe David is also a Journalism student at MDI.

She encouraged women not to be selective when it comes to getting a job.

“Our ignorance here in South Sudan, we don’t like working, someone can easily say I can’t do water distribution job when we can do. My message to the women [is that] we women, we must do anything that we can afford, so being lazy is not ok,” Anika said.

Awate William Umba, also a student at Media Development Institute described women’s day as a day to celebrate the achievement of women.

“The International Women’s Day is a day we can show the achievements made by a woman, either socially or economically. It is a day that she has to dedicate for all the achievements that she has made,” said Awate.

Another Journalism student, Josephine Keji emphasized that women’s day is a day to empower women.

“Most of us think that International Women’s Day is a day for women to sit back and watch TV, and married women should leave their husbands to do the cooking, no, that is not the meaning, the day is meant to empower us, women,” said Josephine.

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