24th September 2023
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Transit visas a must for travelers destined to or through Egypt

Author : | Published: Friday, October 31, 2014

Egyptian authorities have announced that South Sudanese officials and citizens who are traveling to other destinations via Cairo must have transit visas.

This comes after the Speaker of the National Legisilative Assembly, Manasi Magok Rundial and other MPs were held up at Cairo International Airport, while on their way to Europe.

They did not have transit visas.

South Sudan Ambassador to Egypt, Anthony Kon, says this requirement is in line with directives issued by the Protocol Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Juba.

“last time it happened on 29th of last month when the Speaker of the National Legisilative Assembly Manasi Magok and other MPs were travelling to Europe and they did not have transit visas, and it happened that they were stopped at the airport for long time, until I had to intervene and I solved the problem.” He said.

He told Eye Radio that Egyptian government has instructed him to inform South Sudanese officials that those travelling to Egypt and other destinations via Cairo must obtain entry and transit visas.

“So Egyptian authorities have now requested that I must notify all the people of South Sudan that whoever wants to travel to Egypt or on transit via Egypt must have entry or transit visa.” The Ambassador said.

Kon said this requirement will also help the Embassy in Egypt facilitate travel arrangements for South Sudanese officials who are on transit to other destinations.

Egyptian Embassy in Juba issues visas for free.

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