14th April 2024
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South Sudan Civil Society Forum ‘strongly’ condemns Kalisto’s arrest

Author: Staff reporter | Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

FILE PHOTO: Former Mayor of Juba, Kalisto Lado - Courtesy

The South Sudan Civil Society Forum or SSCSF has strongly condemned the arrest of Kalisto Ladu on Easter Sunday by unidentified armed individuals in Juba.

In a statement sent to the Eye Radio newsroom, the Civil Society Forum asserts that Kalisto’s arrest is deeply troubling due to potential violations of due process.

They further argue that this also constitutes a violation of fundamental rights and freedoms outlined in South Sudan’s legal framework.

“The circumstances surrounding Mr. Ladu’s arrest, as detailed by media sources and Ladu’s family, raise significant concerns regarding compliance with due process and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms in the South Sudan Legal Framework,” stated the statement.

The SSCSF emphasizes that the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011 as
amended, guarantees fundamental rights to all citizens.

Article 12 of the Constitution explicitly protects the right to liberty and security of persons, ensuring that individuals are not unlawfully detained.

Furthermore, Article 19 (4) stipulates that any arrested individual must be promptly brought before a court of law within 24 hours of their detention.

The civil society forum says in light of these constitutional provisions and the reported violation of Mr Ladu’s rights, the SSCSF calls for immediate action to ensure due process is followed.

It pointed out that authorities must adhere to legal procedures and respect the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution.

The statement further stated that any deviation from these principles undermines the rule of law and erodes public trust in the security and justice system.

The SSCSF calls upon relevant authorities to investigate Mr Ladu’s arrest thoroughly, disclose his
whereabouts, and provide him with access to legal representation.

It also stated that upholding due process is essential to safeguarding individual liberties and maintaining a just society based on the rule of law.

“The SSCSF urges the authorities holding Mr. Ladu to take immediate action consistent with the legal framework of South Sudan to either immediately release Mr. Ladu in the absence of any legal justification for his detention; or Transfer him to police custody: if there are legal grounds to press charge(s) upon Mr. Ladu, he must be transferred to the lawful custody of the police. Following established legal procedures, he must then be presented before a competent court within 24 hours to determine the legality of his arrest and detention.”

The SSCSF reiterates its firm commitment to upholding human rights and promoting accountability
and rule of law in South Sudan.

They call on all stakeholders to prioritize adherence to due process and respect for constitutional rights in handling cases of arrest and detention.

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