15th July 2024
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One arrested in connection with Juba Prison sex scandal

Author: Michael Daniel | Published: Monday, February 5, 2024

Lt Gen Atok Atem, the Director of the Juba National Prison speaks to Eye Radio on sexual exploitation allegedly by Juba Prison officers - Courtesy

One suspect working at Juba Central Prison has been arrested in connection with sexual exploitation allegations after a female inmate testified online that she has been impregnated at the facility.

In an hour and two-minute video shared on social media on the 27th of January 2024, inmate Akon Akuei Ajou accused two prison officials of sexual exploitation resulting in her pregnancy.

Following the bombshell social media footage, the Juba National Prison formed a fact-finding committee to investigate the issue.

The committee’s report was released on Monday but has not been made public by the prison authorities.

However, the Director of Juba Prison, Lieutenant General Atok Atem Barac said one staff of the prison has been arrested and will be prosecuted in the court of law.

General Atem, however, claimed that the female inmate who first exposed the sex scandal, has now denied the allegation she directed against the prison guard.

“Regarding an accusation against the security personnel in the prison, she has changed her remarks. She denied statements that she made in video accusations of the prison guard before and added that she was not forced,” he said.

General Atem said he will submit the report to the Director General of South Sudan Prisons for the later to establish a special tribunal for anyone involved in the criminal offenses.

“The investigation also revealed the involvement of one of the suspects in the case. and he confessed to committing the crime, and there are witnesses.”

“He was detained, but I cannot reveal that now. I want to confirm that the trial of the suspects involved in the case will not take a long time.”

The prisons official revealed that some of the wardens in women prisons are also found involved in negligence in the case.

“There are some officers and individuals in the women’s prison who are involved in negligence, so they allowed phones to enter the prison, and this is something forbidden.”

“We have opened criminal and administrative reports. The prison administration will establish a court. And so is the judge.”

During the viral live video on Facebook, inmate Akon, who said she was five months pregnant, alleged that the male warders hold the keys to the female section at the prison.

The footage went viral and was watched by close to six thousand people as of Monday, sparking social media outrage.



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