13th June 2024
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NBS police investigating soldiers accused of looting UN assets

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: Friday, November 5, 2021

Captain Guot Akol, the spokesperson of the police in NBS - courtesy

Police in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State are investigating some members of organized forces accused of looting UNISFA assets in Gok Machar of Aweil North County.

This is according to the spokesperson of the police in the state, Captain Guot Akol.

In August, residents of Aweil North and Aweil East counties led protests, demanding removal of UN troops and closure of the Kiir Adem and War Abar team sites.

The local community of Aweil North County demanded in writing the complete withdrawal of the Joint Border Verification Monitoring Mechanism from Sector Headquarters in Gok Machar.

These came after they accused UNISFA of “biased patrolling” at the border and colluding with Sudanese authorities “to annex part of their territory.”

During the protests, some government soldiers and members of the community stormed UNISFA facilities and made away with beds, mattresses, chairs, and cement among others.

“The people that are arrested so far are from organized forces found to have hands on the looting. There are four platoons which means two platoons from the police and two from the SSPDF but the all process is being conducted by the police,” Captain Guot told Eye Radio via phone from Aweil town on Friday.

“The four platoons are beyond sixty from each side. First of all, it was destruction and for example they looted mattresses, cement and cocking materials and so on and belonged to the organization.”

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