26th May 2024
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MPs complain about unpaid allowances

Author : | Published: Thursday, May 28, 2015

Members of Parliament say their attendance has been affected by the delay in paying their sitting allowances.

They say that the government has not paid these allowances for several months now. An MP receives 600 pounds in sitting allowance per month.

Some MPs say the delay in paying the sitting allowances is demoralizing.

David Unyo, who represents Maban County, says they have not received the money for almost a year.

“MPs have been condoning and have been patient and nobody wanted to talk about it,” Hon Unyo said.

“But yesterday in the sitting, the leadership noted that there were absent MPs. Some MPs also spoke raising the concern that maybe the reason was because of the crisis in the country and also with the absence of the sitting allowance, MPs were not promoted and they were not encouraged.”

An opposition Chief Whip, Andrew Okony, says the delay has affected services of the MPs.

He says they would use the money to cater for fuel for their cars. Mr Okony told Eye Radio that it becomes harder at times of fuel shortage.

“And you know the issue of fuel is very serious and would help them in purchasing fuel. Although it is something very insignificant, but it will help them if it is paid in time.”

In response, The Chairperson of Information and Culture committee in the assembly, Thomas Wani Kundu, says MPs who do not report to parliament regularly will be punished.

“The SPLM Caucus has its rules and regulations and then the Chief Whip can use those rules which are mostly dealing with discipline. So it is a prerogative of the Chief Whip to conduct disciplinary steps against anybody who is inconsistence in attending the sittings,” he warned.

The delay in paying the allowances of the MPs is one of the problems the assembly is facing during this crisis.

Sometimes, they go without sittings due to shortage of fuel. Yesterday, the ministry of finance admitted it is unable to fully fund the budget due to the crisis.

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