3rd March 2024
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Man in Aweil dies from suspected ‘vodka overdose’

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: Thursday, August 26, 2021

Three people are in critical condition after consuming excessive alcohol

A man in Aweil town of Northern Bahr–el-Ghazal State has died after reportedly consuming excessive alcohol that was discarded by the roadside on Wednesday.

Police believe the man drunk too much vodka that was meant for disposal. He has not been identified by name.

More than 700 boxes of German-made liquor were reported dumped by one Gerry Danny along the Aweil airport road on Sunday, August 22, 2021.

The Police said the businessman did not inform the state health authorities while getting rid of the vodka.

The residents reportedly took the bottles and “begun to drink randomly until four of the citizens went unconscious, including a 12-year child.”

The State Police spokesperson, Captain Guot Akol told Eye Radio that “at around 6 pm [Wednesday] one passed on” to excessive consumption of the vodka mixers.

He added that three people are still in critical condition.

Police have now arrested the man who dumped the liquor.

“Police are now investigating the trader for dumping the boxes of vodka mix along the airport road without official information from the health authority or from the municipality,” Captain Guot stated.

The remaining bottles of the vodka have been confiscated by the police to ensure more people do not consume the liquor.

Health experts warn that alcohol overdose can lead to mental confusion, difficulty remaining conscious, vomiting, seizure, trouble breathing, slow heart rate, clammy skin, and extremely low body temperature.

It can also lead to permanent brain damage or death.

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