14th June 2024
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Jonglei: Fifty three officers dismissed from the police

Author : | Published: Monday, June 25, 2018

FILE: Anti-theft and cattle raid police officers graduate in Bor

Fifty three police officers have been dismissed for reportedly neglecting their duties in Jonglei State, the Police Commissioner has said.

The officers are accused of failing to turn up at their assignment posts in Bor South.

They are among those deployed to quell fighting and provide security to civilians after fighting between Panwel and Anuet this year in Abii area.

In December, the two sections fought over one group allegedly wanting to name the place as Anueet, while the other wants to maintain it as Panweel.

According to Major General Chol Atem, the dismissal of the officers came after a series of warnings were sent to them. He accused the officers for showing up at work -only to receive salaries.

“Whenever there is receiving of salaries, they come but when there are no salaries, they don’t, so the police Commissioner forward it to council of ministers and Security Committee and the outcome was punishment which was dismissal,” Maj. Gen. Atem said.

He said the order to discharge them came from the State Council of Ministers and the State Security Committee, which charged the officers with disobedience, and neglecting their duty posts.

“The immediate charges against them were desertion and disobedience. We did it conditionally though the number was large, but we did it purposely to stop desertion and disobedience. If they refuse to go for a mission given to them, what does that mean?”

One of those dismissed, Bior Bior Makuei rejected the accusations.

“Such a case happened. 53 were dismissed, but we don’t know the reason why we were dismissed.”

Bior told Eye Radio that their dismissal is not procedural.

“According to normal procedure, if an officer has made a mistake, he or she is first warned and advised before dismissal, but the Commissioner never did that,” Bior said.

“We then sat and told him if you have dismissed us, then give us our past unpaid salaries, but he told us that we were dismissed by our head of units. But then we told him that it is you who signed the dismissal letter.”

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