14th April 2024
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Fashoda man seeks justice after family arrested for quarrelling with commissioner

Author: Staff Writter | Published: Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Map of Upper Nile State. (Courtesy).

A man in Fashoda County of Upper Nile State said he is seeking justice for his detained family after the commissioner and his bodyguards allegedly beat and locked them up over noise made by a crying baby, an allegation denied by the commissioner.

Mr. Dak Amum accused Commissioner Joseph Aban of beating 7 members of his family members at night because their baby was making noise.

He said Aban was moving with his bodyguards at midnight between Friday and Saturday when they stormed his house and told everyone to go to bed.

Amum, who was sleeping during the incident, said the commissioner asked why members of his family had not gone to sleep and were making some noise when it was already late.

Mr Dak Amum said Commissioner Joseph Aban was patrolling with his bodyguards at midnight between Friday and Saturday, when they stormed his house and told everyone to go to bed.

Amum, who was sleeping during the incident, said the commissioner asked why members of his family had not gone to sleep and were making some noise, when it was already late.

According to him, the noise was caused by one of his babies who was crying while being comforted by her mother.

Amum said the commissioner’s bodyguards started beating his elder son, before his brother joined the fight and was beaten again.

“All my children were sleeping when Commissioner come with his two bodyguards. They entered my house and he asked, who are you staying here, and my son responded that we are the family that own the house,” he said.

“Then they asked my son to stand up, and when stood up, he was asked to sit-down again and he sat down all this happen at my home not on the road. Then the commissioner ordered his guards to tie him.”

“When he refused to be tied without a reason, he was hit on his head with a stick until he falls down. His brother tried to help him, and he was also beaten, and he tried to protect himself with his hand.

Amum said the commissioner’s guards fired bullets, leaving the family in terror and chaos.

“The commissioner bodyguards shoot the bullet then, before I came out, from the room, they shoot another bullet then they disorganize the house and turn it to the chaos.”

He alleged that the commissioner then sent a Toyota truck full of soldiers on Saturday morning, and arrested him and seven members of his family, including two breastfeeding mothers.

He explained that the two mothers were later released with him, while his five sons are still in prison with serious wounds.

Amum stated that the reason behind their arrest is not clear, adding that his five sons are in desperate need of medical attention.

According to him, when he tried to report the incident to a local chief, he was told the case is beyond the chief’s powers.

“In the morning, when I was going to the chief of residential area to complain, the chief refused, and he says this done the commissioner I can’t do anything about it.”

He accuses the commissioner of misusing his power and appeals for justice for his family.

“Then I have tried to go to police but on road they come with a car full of soldiers they just beat us all together with my children. All of them are still in custody and they still need medication.”

“So, I don’t know where to go, he is the high authorities that is why I will leave it to God. This is what happened.”

When contacted for response, Fashoda County Commissioner Joseph Aban confirmed the incident but claimed he was first attacked by the sons of Amum.

Mr. Aban claims that he was chasing niggers when he was personally assaulted and punched by one of the family members.

“That house was not fenced. They were staying in an open place, and they called it a home. When I reached, I asked them why they are outside when it is too approaching midnight,” the commissioner said.

“Even my guards who were walking with me asked why they are making noises, and it is too late you should be sleeping. So, the so-called Dak is the wildlife soldier. His son was among the group, I call these children to come and sit-down.”

“But this one the son stood up and he say he want to call his father. I have told him not to go, I ask him to sit-down because I wanted just to talk to them not make noise and everyone should go where he can sleep.”

“He immediately attacked me while he was standing and he punched me, then other brothers they start beating me, so we left it up to morning, so we went and brought them, so no one was interesting to go to his home, but we were chasing Niggas.”

Asked when he will take the five suspects to court, Aban says it is not his responsibility to try them in court.





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