4th February 2023
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Eye Radio extends service to Baliet, Malakal in Upper Nile

Author: Moyo Jacob | Published: Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Eye Radio tower in Juba - Credit: Eye Radio/Lou Nelson - November 16, 2022

The Chief Executive Officer of Eye Media on Tuesday assured South Sudanese of his commitment to widen Eye Radio’s listenership across the country after it extended service to two more counties in Upper Nile state in November 2022.

Stephen Omiri says the recent roll out and installations of repeaters in Upper Nile, is in line with the station’s mandate to take the radio closer to the people.

Recently, Eye Radio rolled out repeaters and created its presence in Baliet, and Malakal towns of Upper Nile State.

The installations have brought the number of Eye Radio stations in the country to nine.

Mr. Omiri says, the more South Sudanese have access to information, the more they become informed to make decisions and contribute to the development of the country.

He made the remarks during the Sundown Program on Eye Radio on Tuesday 15th of November 2022.

“Our motto is taking the radio closer to people, that is why we want to have the radio in these places because information is power, when you have information, you are an informed person,” said Omiri.

“You can make a decision based on information that is why information is power, so that is the challenge we are having,”

“We have currently around eight radio stations in the country, nine with the one in Juba,

“In Greater Upper Nile, we have three [repeater] radio stations, we have now in Baliet, we have in Malakal and we have in Renk,

“As a South Sudanese organization, we want to make sure that every South Sudanese is informed to be part of this development of the country”.

But James Kwaje, the Studio Manager says that despite the successful installation of the repeaters, the lack of electric power in parts of the country has hindered the expansion to some areas.

“We did the installation in Baliet and the radio in Baliet is now okay is on at the moment and also we did installation in Malakal and the one in Malakal is also okay,” Kwaje said.

When you also move further from town, remember the cost of fuel goes up and as a result, very many companies are trying to go the hybrid way”.

Monjur Deng Mayiik, one of the listeners of Eye Radio in Baliet commended Eye Radio for the installation of the radio, but urged the management to create presence in Ulang, Melut and other parts of South Sudan.

“I thank Eye Radio for the immense work here in Baliet because Eye Radio brought us radio in Baliet. We are following information about issues happening in South Sudan,” said one of the listeners.

“We thank Eye Radio for installing the radio, this is a good job, and this is what helps disseminate information to all including those far away,

“We hope Eye Radio is accessed in Ulang, Melut and everywhere. Here in Baliet, Eye Radio is very clear.”

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