24th May 2024
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Civil society groups call for suspension of new permit

Author : | Published: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

32 Civil society organizations have called on the transitional assembly to suspend the issuance of new driving permits, saying it is unconstitutional.

The groups filed a petition to the national legislature yesterday, against the issuance of the new driving licenses and number plates the by the traffic police.

The organizations say that people have not been given a grace period before making the changes.

“We are saying that we needed enough public information so that people get to know the details in terms of who is executing this order; is it the state or it is the national government?” said Jame David Kolok, the executive director of the Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance.

In their petition, the civil society groups indicate that an official ministerial order provides that the license is sold at 5,300 ssp, which contradicts the 7000ssp reflected on the official receipts.

“This order is arbitrary because it is neither based on the rule of law nor well laid out procedure of arrival at such amount,” the statement read.

The civil society groups also said the issuance of the new driving license and number plates by the National government are not in accordance with the constitution.

Mr Jame said the ministerial order is therefore illegal and unconstitutional.

As a result, the civil society organizations recommended that the process be suspended until the constitution is amended and powers are transferred to the National government.

The civil society organizations are:

1. Assistance Mission in Africa
2. Action for Conflict Resolution
3. Christian Agency for Peace and Development
4. Equatoria Rehabilitation and Association
5. Forum for peace and unity
6. Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance
7. Grass root Association
8. Grass root Relief and Development Agency
9. Greater Upper Nile Youth Network for Peace
10. Human Right Initiative
11. Humanity South Sudan
12. International conference of the Greater Lakes Region
13. Institute for Development of Civil Society
14. Junub Aid South Sudan
15. Women Aid Vision
16. Rumbek Youth Association
17. Rural Initiative Organization
18. South Sudan Action on Small Arms
19. Soweto Community Based Organization
20. South Sudan Community Change Agency
21. South Sudan Youth Society for Peace
22. South Sudan Islamic Council of States
23. Standard Action Liaison Force
24. South Sudan Women Gemera Association
25. South Sudan Pentecostal Church
26. South Sudan Network for Democracy and Elections
27. Sudan Pentecostal Church
28. United and Saved the Nations
29. White Nile Serving and Credit Cooperation Society
30. Youth Vision South Sudan
31. Youth Care for Peace and Development Organization
32. Youth for Peace and Development

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