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The aftermath of Jonglei: Commissioner speaks.

Author : | Published: Monday, October 21, 2013

The number of people killed during an attack in Twic East County, Jonglei state yesterday, has risen to 52 according to the county Commissioner.

Commissioner Akoi Jurkuc said 63 people have also been wounded in the attack that took place in Maar and Pakeer Payams.

“We have the number of the dead has increased to 52 and the wounded are 6. Five children were abducted, and a number of children are still missing, and the number of women abducted is still not known,” the Commissioner told Eye Radio adding that the number of those killed could increase as more bodies will be discovered.

He was speaking from Panygor where he says there still is panic and fear. He said that many people have been displaced into wet lands –with no security.

“These people came with the intention of invasion, they did not care about the water, they came through the dry land, the attackers came from Pibor, they were identified because some of them were killed; all the tribes in Jonglei have special marks to identify with their tribe. The situation now is not clear, people are displaced, and everyone is panicking with fear.”

Commissioner Dau Akoi also said that over two thousand head of cattle were also stolen by the attackers.

The Commissioner said that he had reported an increased security threat in August following reports of movement by unknown gunmen in the areas.

He called on the government to send forces in the area to provide security to the people of Twic East.

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