6th June 2023
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19 S. Sudanese killed in fresh attack in West Kordofan

Author: El-Shiekh Chol Ajieng | Published: Monday, October 3, 2022

The South Sudanese refugee settlement El Meiram torched by gunmen (UNHCR / Hamid Jarma)

19 South Sudanese refugees were reported killed by gunmen during attack on a refugee camp in Muglad town of West Kordofan State in the neighboring Sudan.

Khartoum-based South Sudanese activist Achol Malong, said Sudanese gunmen attacked a refugee residential area in Muglad, and killed 15 people including women and children on Thursday.

Achol said the assailants believed to be from the Misseriya tribe also killed four farm-workers at a remote area. 

“The fighting started between South Sudanese children and Messeriya children, then those people of Arab came with guns and start shooting people in the houses,” Achol narrated.

“They continue shooting and cutting people up to the place of farms other four people were killed in that area including women and here child that I send you, so fifteen people died immediately at the houses. That put the total South Sudanese killed in that incidents at 19 people.”

The activist told Eye Radio that four of the suspects were arrested after the Sudanese police intervened.

The killing, Achol said, brings the total number of South Sudanese who lost lives in Kordufan to 66 people between July and September.

Meanwhile, the survivors and families of the victims said they are living in fear, allegedly that relatives of the suspects are threatening them.

She told Eye Radio that families of the arrested suspects are vowed to attack South Sudanese refugees if their relatives are not released immediately.

“The South Sudanese police intervened and they arrested four suspects are in the custody now but the issue now is their families are saying the South Sudanese failed to release the arrested suspects they will attack them again.”

“So there is a serious threat in the area even last night they told me they were threatened by the arab gunmen if they don’t released the arrested suspect they will be attack.”

Sudan is hosting an estimated 800,000 South Sudanese refugees who are mostly in the Darfur region.

Darfur region has experienced volatile security situation for almost two decades.



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