Soldiers killed in Juba grenade explosion

Two soldiers died in a hand grenade explosion in Juba on Sunday.

Three others, including a child and two women, sustained injuries in the incident, which occurred at Lemon-Gaba suburb in Juba.

According to an eyewitness, one of the soldiers had accused the other of having an affair with his wife.

The police spokesperson Brig-Gen Daniel Justin told Eye Radio that the soldiers – Sgt John Makuai and Angelo Badu – were trying to resolve their differences when the explosion took place.

“The two soldiers had quarreled the day before,” Brig-Gen Justin explained.

“In the morning [Sunday], the other guys come so that they could resolve the issue.

“Then one soldier [Sgt John Makuai] sat down having a garnet in his pocket. The grenade exploded, killing him and his colleague [Angelo Badu].”

Brig-Gen Justin said those wounded were taken to Juba Teaching Hospital for treatment.

Eyewitness account: