9th June 2023
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Traffic police asking motorists for tips are fraudsters- MP Aya

Author: Moyo Jacob | Published: Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Traffic Police seen somewhere in Juba counting money - courtesy

A national lawmaker has criticized some traffic police officers for asking motorists to give tips over pretext of breaking traffic rules.

Janet Aya Alex who was once was a victim of the malpractice says, the attitude of the traffic police officers often disrupts road traffics and businesses of people.

“I myself, they have asked for tea, this is their language. Yet, I kept telling them I have a valid license,

Aya said after producing her driving license, a traffic officer went on to beg her for something to take tea.

“Well, they will ask for shai [tea], what is shai [tea]?  These are just thieves because they don’t give specific things. They ask for tea,” Aya spoke to journalists shortly after yesterday’s sitting at the national parliament.

She observed the traffic police are extorting money from road users and their bosses are the beneficiaries.

“If there is anything that a person has done, produce a receipt, let the person go and pay the money in the bank,” she said

“We now know  for sure this money is not going for  government purpose but going back to their pockets and their bosses,”

Lawmaker Aya said the traffic police officers are acting parallel to the law. “I don’t think they follow the Act which we passed here.”

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