5th June 2023
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SSPDF, SPLA-IO trade accusations over Mirmir clashes in Unity State

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: Saturday, February 12, 2022

Col. Lam Paul, spokesperson of SPLA-IO [Left] and Maj Gen Lul Ruai spokesperson of SSPDF [right] - courtesy

The SSPDF and SPLA-IO forces are blaming each other for being behind Thursday’s fighting in Mirmir of Unity State in which 7 soldiers were killed.

According to Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, Spokesperson of the SPLA-IO, their cantonment site in Mirmir was attacked by SSPDF under the command of Koch County commissioner.

He says, the heavy attack occurred yesterday [Thursday] morning around 11:30am and it ended at 2:30 pm.

Col. Paul described it as a proxy war but not a violation.

He claimed SSPDF is responsible for Thursday clashes.

“Yesterday [Thursday] at around 11:30 am they attacked Mirmir cantonment center, the fighting was heavy, went on until around 2:30 pm after they were repulsed by the SPLA –IO forces in Mimir,” Col. Lam told Eye Radio.

“The SPLA-IO lost one person in action and three wounded, when the forces that attacked were repulsed, we got six bodies on ground, and we are hearing some are injured, and more than ten by the aggresses.

“This is not only a violation, but we called it a proxy war,” he concluded.

The spokesperson of the SSPDF, Major General Lul Ruai denied the accusations.

He says SSPDF is not present at Mirmir.

“No, it is completely untrue. SSPDF do not have presence in Mirmir, the nearest garrison that we are present at is Leer, and the area that is closer to Leer is Rubkuai, and Rubkuai is under the control of SPLA-IO,” Maj. Gen. Lul told Eye Radio.

“Mirmir is along Bentiu Leer road. So basically during the war, Leer would be cut off from time to time by SPLA-IO forces.

“As we speak now, even if you are moving from Leer to Bentiu, you must pass through Mirmir and you must be given permission by SPLA-IO. It is untrue.”

The attacks occurred at a time when the peace parties say they are on the last step of the graduation of the necessary unified forces.

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