21st May 2024
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S Sudanese woman suffers sexual violence in Egypt

Author: Michael Daniel | Published: Monday, May 10, 2021

A selfie of Emelda James Bol shorly after a nurse dressed her stab wounds.

A 30-year-old South Sudanese woman says Egyptian men at Fasil in Elegize residential area attacked and injured her in Cairo over the weekend.

According to Emelda James Bol, someone she thought was a garbage collector knocked on her door on Saturday morning.

When she opened the door, the attackers tried to sexually assault her as they threatened to kill if she screamed.

However, in the process, she said they stabbed her on the cheek with a knife and ran way.

Emelda says she reported the incident to the police but the police refused to record the incident unless she identified her attackers.

“What is threatening and scaring me is that they [men] will come back for revenge.  Even if I sue them, they will send their brother after me and that’s what scares me the most,” she told Eye Radio via phone.

Emelda is mother of three kids and she is register as refugee under UNCHR in Egypt.

She lost her husband during the 2013 civil war.

There have been similar reports of attack against South Sudanese refugees in Egypt.

In April 2021, a South Sudanese boy said he and his cousin-sisters were humiliated by a group of unruly Egyptian boys.

The children were reportedly on their way to attend a birthday party at his Aunt’s house when they were attacked by Egyptian boys wielding a knife.

Akok Kuol, 14, told the media that one of his cousins was sexually assaulted by the attackers while they beat and torture him.

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