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President Salva Kiir: David Yau Yau has one last chance

Author : | Published: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Salva Kiir, President, South Sudan.

President Salva Kiir has said that un-named senior people in Juba have encouraged David Yau Yau not to accept  the Presidential amnesty offered to all rebel groups.

President Kiir claimed that the unidentified individuals  had incited Yau Yau to keep fighting in Jonglei state, with the aim of overthrowing the government.

The President was addressing members of Twic East Community in Juba during the memorial service for those killed in the county last month.

“He was told don’t make peace with this government because this government is weak and we are overthrowing it soon, we are the ones to make peace with you, don’t join this government,” he told the crowd.  “Look at that notion. Is this being done by people who are patriots? Yet during the time of mourning, they pretend to mourn with you–saying Yau Yau is committing atrocities. But who is encouraging Yau Yau to commit these crimes? It is they. The brain behind Yau Yau’s rebellion is among you here in Juba.”

President Salva Kiir told the Twic East community members that he is putting David Yau Yau on notice – and that this is the last chance to respond to his amnesty for peace.

He said he will instruct the church leaders to try and persuade Yau Yau one last time to dialogue with the government.

“I will not cancel the amnesty, although Yau Yau doesn’t respect it,” he said. “When Bishop Taban and the church went to him, he said he doesn’t want people from Bor or Akobo to be included in the peace committee. I said its fine; there are qualified people in Equatoria region who can lead this peace initiative. Right now there is no member from the Dinka Bor or Nuer of Akobo in the committee. But it seems like he is still not acknowledging the people currently leading this initiative and he is carrying on with his rebellion. But we will not stop at that. We are issuing the final call on the amnesty. Bishop Paride Taban and his committee will go to Yau Yau for the last time to tell him this is his last chance to respond to the amnesty. They should report back to me whether Yau Yau is willing to come or not. If he refuses, then I will not send Bishop Paride and his team to him again. So this is what we are doing now.”

President Kiir cautioned officials from politicizing issues of security in Jonglei and across the country.

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