3rd October 2023
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Petroleum ministry buys plane to scan underground resources

Author: Michael Daniel | Published: Sunday, June 18, 2023

Geophysics plane procured by the government to map out mineral resources location. | Courtesy

The Ministry of Petroleum has announced the purchase of a geophysics airplane to conduct aerial surveys of the country’s mineral resources.

The imaging technology is intended to expand aerial mapping data collection and seismic investigation of the country’s underground wealth.

South Sudan has the third largest oil well in Sub-Saharan Africa valued at 3.5 billion barrels but much of it has not been utilized.

Petroleum Minister Puot Kang Chol announced the procurement during the South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP) conference in Juba yesterday.

Kang says the geophysics plane is expected to commence its work in Block 2 of the Unity State oilfield within two weeks.

The announcement follows the signing of an agreement that would see the Strategic Fuel Fund (SFF) utilize one of South Sudan’s geophysical planes.

“The Ministry of Petroleum purchased a geophysics plane which after we struggled for three years but finally, we have it in the Republic of South Sudan,” Minister Kang announced at the conclusion of the 6th Oil and Power Conference on Saturday.

“We officially launched the plane on June 14, and it will start the work of Block 2.”

“Strategically, the strategic field fund of South Africa will commence its work on Block 2. So those who are looking for a job, I am glad to say that you have the opportunity this year or next year, but we must go gradually.”

Minister Kang did not elaborate how the plane purchase will employ South Sudanese. The amount of money that bought the plane is also undisclosed.

The Ministry of Petroleum requested the two geophysical planes in April 2021 to bolster exploration and unlock the full potential of the oil and mineral sector.

The just-concluded Sixth Oil & Power conference was conducted to position South Sudan as the link of petroleum exploration and production, innovation, and energy cooperation for the East and Central Africa regions.

The conference brought together investors to explore and engage in what the government referred to as upstream, midstream, mining, power generation and distribution, services, and infrastructure sectors.


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