5th October 2023
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Official blames lack of cattle commercialization on ignorance

Author: Moyo Jacob Felix | Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Hon. Nhial Bol, the Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Livestock and Fisheries speaks on Eye Radio's Sundown Show. July 24, 2023. | Photo: Awan Moses/Eye Radio)

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Livestock and Fisheries said Monday that ignorance among cattle herders is to blame for the inadequate commercialization of the animals.

Nhial Bol blames the government for not being keen on developing the livestock sector, adding that livestock has become a major source of conflict among the communities.

He stressed the need to put in place laws to regulate the sector for the country to move forward.

“I can say we are ignorant about this sector including me, so we did not move much. In some areas, the livestock has become a source of conflict because the government did not gazette the areas for cattle owners and it is happening here in Equatoria,” Bol said on the Eye Radio’s Sundown Program on Monday.

“It is not because the farmers are against the cattle owners but because they are not regulated. You gazette the area for a cattle keeper to stay in it and then keep the farmers away.”

“We are not working on all these things. So, most of our laws are sitting there and we cannot move unless three or four laws are out”.

Last month, Livestock and Fisheries Minister criticized South Sudan’s dependence on the importation of livestock and fisheries from the region despite being gifted with millions of cattle and a large fishery.

Onyotti Adigo Nyikwec said millions of people are impoverished although the country is endowed with the vast natural wealth of agricultural resources.

According to reports, South Sudan has about 36 million heads of cattle, goats, sheep, and abundant fishery resources.

African Development Bank says livestock can contribute about 36% in agricultural Gross Domestic Product  and provides livelihood to about 80% of the country’s population.

But Minister Adigo said South Sudanese continues to be food-insecure and children are malnourished.


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