2nd June 2023
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Money-minded medics responsible for high prevalence of typhoid – Doctor

Author: Moyo Jacob | Published: Thursday, October 27, 2022

Dr. Bino Andrea Ahmed, physician, and gastroenterologist in the studio during a talkshow - CREDIT: EyeRadio/Moses Awan - October 26, 2022

A medic has attributed the high prevalence of typhoid disease in the country to the wrong diagnosis by money-minded medical practitioners.

Dr. Bino Andrea Ahmed, a physician, and gastroenterologist observed that many health practitioners do not follow the right test procedure for typhoid disease and end up giving false results.

Andrea has described as a medical business the way health workers diagnose patients in the country.

A lecturer of internal medicine at the school of medicine at the University of Juba, Dr. Andrea says, many medics in the country have prioritized money over the life of patients.

“As a Gastroenterologist, my main specialization is typhoid. What we have here in Juba is not typhoid, it is just medical business again,” said Dr. Andrea.

“If you receive your lab results, just ask the doctor which investigation is done for me, they will tell you we did the Widal test, Widal test will never diagnose typhoid fever,

“To diagnose enteric or typhoid fever by Widal-test, you are supposed to do the test today, then the next day, then after three days, and then it is supposed to be rising. If it is the same, you can never diagnose typhoid with it,

“Up to now, we don’t have a culture to diagnose typhoid. for me, I receive many patients and at the end of the day, I get no typhoid in the final diagnosis”.

Dr. Andrea calls for the establishment of a functional South Sudan Medical Council to screen medical practitioners in the country before issuing them licenses.

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