20th May 2024
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Jubek to debate its own license plate

Author : | Published: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Member of Parliament at the Jubek legislative Assembly says the decision by the national government to enforce the implementation of the SSD number-plates contravenes the constitution, and goes against a resolution made by Jubek MPs.

Last year, Jubek state MPs discussed a motion presented by Honorable Peter Duku, which challenged the move by the national Council of Ministers to introduce the new number-plates in order to replace the states-owned plates.

Hon. Duku who represents Kator South, argues that the current plate bearing the SSD logo is unconstitutional.

“As far as the Constitution is concerned and as far as the revenue collection is concerned, that is supposed to be part of the state mandate or authority,” he told Eye Radio.

Schedule B of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan, 2011, on the powers of states says; each state has the exclusive and legislative mandate to license vehicles, including issuance of driving licenses and number plates.

Hon. Duku also says the state constitution, which was derived from the transitional constitution of South Sudan, mandates every state to have its own, as well as collect revenues from it.

According the constitution, the national and state governments have the concurrent powers of manufacturing licenses as stipulated in Schedule C.

Duku says these rights have been denied to the states with the introduction of the SSD.

“We designed one number plate which will be a model for all the states, in fact,” he added.

Hon. Duku says the states should continue to collect license fees as required by the constitution.

He also calls for the inclusion of a state insignia alongside the SSD number-plate, if it is to be maintained.

The national government is yet to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, the national Minister of Information has warned that vehicles that do not bear the new SSD license plate will be impounded and owners detained.

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