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Central Bank sending money to students in Egypt, says spokesman

Author : | Published: Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says funds have been allocated to students who have occupied the South Sudanese embassy in Cairo.

They are on government scholarship and want the government to pay bursaries that they have not received for almost a year.

Each of the 160 students receives $100 per month.

It is not clear how much has been allocated to them, but the spokesperson of the ministry of foreign affairs says the central bank is due to transfer the funds.

Mawen Makol told eye radio that the issue will soon be resolved.

“There is a budget allocated to these students by the ministry of education who are responsible for the payment and the central bank was helping in sending the money to the students but I’m not sure now whether the money has gone,” he said.

The students have occupied the embassy for more than two months and forced officials to work at their homes.
They say they will not leave until they receive the money.

“We are still here waiting until they bring us our money; if they don’t want to bring it let them tell us frankly.

The government has brought us here, so let them come and take us back,” said Machar Chol, one of the students.
Officials from the ministry of education are yet to comment.

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