28th May 2023
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Atleast three shot dead in a cattle raid-WE

Author : | Published: Sunday, December 28, 2014

Heads of cattle being driven elsewhere in South Sudan

At least three people were killed and one was wounded in Maridi County of Western Equatoria by the cattle raiders on Friday night.

Speaking to Eye Radio, the Commissioner of Maridi County Thomas Wilson Yanga said this is the second time where the raiders come to that area.

“On twenty six at night at around eleven, some cattle raiders came to a place call Mudubai which is about seven miles from here. We have local communities who have their cattle around there, so the cattle raider came and shot three men down to death and then wounded one and collected a number of cattle and went off with.” He said.

“This is the second time now where the raider comes to loot the cattle from the cattle owners around here and it is not yet possible for us to identify the cattle raiders.” He added.

Commissioner Thomas said they have a limited number of the organize forces in Maridi County to deal with the security issues.

“I have only on the ground a very little number of policemen or let me say the organize forces in general are very limited in number, that should have been their duty but now we have engaging some army to go for that.” Yanga said.

He urged the people of Maridi not to take the law into their hands because the Government is working very hard to see that these cattle are return.

And he urged the Government and the opposition to reach into the peaceful settlement of this crisis so that such activities can stop.


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