23rd September 2023
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Angry monkey breaks hunter’s arm in Nagero revenge attack

Author: Charles Wote | Published: Sunday, July 23, 2023

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A hunter man in Nagero County, Western Equatoria State is nursing a 2nd-degree wound after he was attacked by a monkey he tried to kill.

Local authorities have identified the victim as Federico Ufoo who is in his mid-30s.

On Wednesday,  Ufoo reportedly went hunting with a firearm that had only three bullets at a place called Zamoi, situated about 35 kilometers away from the town center.

According to Gabriel Nvolo who is Nagero County Commissioner, the hunter went deep into a forest where he shot at the monkey and injuring the wild animal.

Having run out of bullets, Ufoo approached the wounded monkey with his knife and attempted to stab it when the money attacked him back, breaking his arm and biting one of his thighs.

“This boy went hunting in Zamoi and he went only with two or three bullets and then he got the monkey and he shot at the money,

‘The money pretended to be dead, so when he tried to approach the money with a knife, the monkey got up,  bit his hand, broke the main bone, and then bit his thigh,” the county official told Eye Radio.

The victim is currently receiving treatment at Nagero Primary Healthcare Center.

Commissioner Nvolo said the hunter is to blame for facing the Monkey with a knife.

“He did a mistake because when he saw the monkey, he thought the monkey had died already and took the knife as the bullets got finished,

“As he tried to stab the monkey, it got up and caught his hand and they started fighting when his hand was bitten and the leg as well.”

When contacted by Eye Radio, the Clinical officer of Nagero PHCC confirmed that the victim presented second – and third-degree injuries as a result of the animal attack.

“We were able to witness the injuries on his hand and also on his thigh, it is due to an animal attack. We put him on treatment and he is now stable,

“The one [injuries] on his hand is actually second-degree, and the one on his thigh is first-degree injury,” said Charles Sakpio.

In August 2021, residents of Tonj South County, Warrap State clobbered to death a hyena that killed three people in a wildlife-human conflict.

In 2019, three family members were also killed and three others injured when a hyena attacked their home in Pathai Payam in Upper Nile State.

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