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Wau: More than 17,000 seek refuge at UN camp

Children in a UN camp in Wau. PHOTO//Peter Wilson

The Deputy Head of UNMISS says more than 17,000 people have sought protection at the UN camp in Wau town, after the recent violence in the state.

Eugene Owusu says this has brought the total number of people seeking protection at the UN base in Wau to 42,000.

This comes after reports of clashes between the SPLA and anti-government forces in different parts of Wau last week.

“People have taken refuge at the protection of civilians sites in Wau town,” said Owusu.

Mr. Owusu says Wau is only one of the areas from where people fled violence over the past week. He says some 30,000 people fled Wau Shilluk and surrounding areas, while thousands of civilians in unity are living in swamps and remote islands due to fear of violence.

“In Central Equatoria, since the beginning of 2017, conflict has caused massive displacements from Kajo-Keiji and elsewhere in the region. In upper Nile clashes on the West Bank in late January and February force some 30,000 people to flee Wau Shilluk and the surrounding areas, while thousands of civilians in Unity continue to live in swamps and remote islands due to the fear of attack,” he said.

Mr. Owusu also said an estimated 3.5 million people have now been displaced across the country.

This includes 1.9 million people who are internally displaced, and 1.6 million who have fled as refugees to neighboring countries.