Medical doctor testifies on terrain case

Terrain Hotel which witnessed the reported attack on aid workers during the July fighting - Aug 3, 2016 (Adriane Ohanesian via AP)

The medical director of the Juba Teaching Hospital testified on the Terrain case at the court martial in Juba morning.

The testimony comes a week after the defense lawyer requested the court to summon Dr Maker Isaac to respond to questions on the treatment of one of the alleged victims of the incident.

In his testimony Wednesday morning, Dr Maker said the transfer of Jerry Bush, an American national, to a private clinic, was not procedural.

He said Mr Bush, who was allegedly shot in the leg at Terrain Hotel, did not obtain Form 8 from any police station.

But the American embassy requested a transfer to a private clinic.

So Dr Maker said they cannot ascertain that Mr Bush suffered a gunshot wound.

However last week, Dr Charles Lindeman, who examined Mr Jerry Bush at the private clinic, confirmed that he was indeed shot in the leg.

Besides, Dr Maker, another witnesses was supposed to appear before the court today.

Today, the prosecution presented requests, including sending of the accused’s photos to the victims abroad, taking of DNA samples, and a video link showing testimonies of the victims at a US court in presence of representatives of the South Sudan embassy in Washington.

But the court martial rejected all but the video link. The hearing was presided over by Brig. Gen. Knight Bryano Almass.

The hearing was adjourned for Friday, August 11, when the second and the last witness will testify on the case.