20th March 2023
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Why social media users are angry at SSBC management

Author : | Published: Friday, February 22, 2019

South Sudanese online have expressed anger at the SSBC management for what they call “persistent” poor English Grammar in the news broadcast.

During Wednesday evening news bulletin, editors misspelled both the title and the name of the source.

The source was the Minister of Trade and Industry, Paul Mayom.

But in the caption, all these words were badly spelled except Mayom.

The words minister was spelled as M-I-N-S-T-E-R; trade as T-R-E-A-D; and industry as I-N-D-A-S-T-E-R-Y.

While the Christian name Paul was misspelled as P-U-A-L.

Though the errors seemed to be typographical, some social media users blamed it on incompetence.

Philip Thon Aleu attributed it to lack of “proofreading and rigorous editing” skills.

“I hope SSBC would have known how to spell word, Minister, Trade and Industry,” wrote another user, Tut Riek.

Responding to the criticisms on Facebook, the SSBC managing director – James Magok  Chilim – said such mistakes do happen anywhere and even in the international media that we [glorify].

“Most of the people criticizing SSBC [make] the same mistakes,” Mr Magok added.

And one Emmanuel Monychol Akop reacted to the response, saying Magok “should have apologized to the viewers unconditionally and then promise[d] reforms.”

“…with a jolty grammar in his post, he adds salt to the injury…or justifies why things persistently go wrong,” Monychol added.

Others marked Magok’s reply, giving him just 17 marks out of 100.

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