30th November 2023
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One Terrain suspect dies in custody

Author : | Published: Friday, October 20, 2017

One of the witnesses, Jesse Onyango, identifying suspects involved in Terrain Hotel attack - July 4, 2017 | Photo | Emmanuel Akile/Eye Radio

One of the suspects of the Terrain incident died in custody, according to Colonel Santo Domic, the Deputy Spokesperson of the SPLA.

He was among 12 suspects who are undergoing trial for allegedly taking part in an attack on the hotel during the July 2016 violence.

They are accused of committing murder, rape, sexual harassment, and robbery.

The suspects have been in custody for months now and they have been detained at the “national security”, said Col Domic.

He told Eye Radio that one of them died six days ago under unclear circumstance but medical reports will reveal the cause of the death.

“I do not think whether there is a reason for him to be subjected to death, but only that I think it is actually the natural calamity that has actually resulted in his death,” said Col Dominic.

“But we are waiting from the SPLA judiciary because they are coordinating so that they get us the paper from the hospital.”

The next trail for the suspects accused of taking part in the attack on Terrain Hotel will take place 26th October.

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