31st January 2023
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Son seeks justice after soldiers shot dead father

Author: Obaj Okuj | Published: Friday, November 22, 2019

A family in Joppa, Juba, is seeking answers justice after members of the joint operation gunned down their father last weekend.

The 80-year-old man was reportedly shot in the back after he was told to stop by the night patrol officers.

According to his son, the late was walking home at around 9 PM when the officers asked him to stop.

But Benasio Kulang could not hear the officers barking orders at him because he was a deaf.

Prior to the incident, members of the joint force were deployed in the area, on 18 November, to flush out alleged armed opposition men there.

The soldiers had accused the son of the old man for allegedly hiding people they claimed were wanted by the government.

The son, whom we have only identified as Emmanuel, said the officers searched his house, and later arrested him. He denied hosting anti-government soldiers.

“What time did those rebel soldiers come to my house?” Emmanuel asked. This is because when I returned home that day, I found my family members only.”

He said his father, who was living in the next house, was on his way to check on why there were so many people at Emanuel’s home.

Emmanuel noted that shortly after two officers dragged him outside the house, he heard sound of a gunshot.

Upon inquiring, the officers who apprehended him were told by their colleagues manning the area that they had shot an old man, his father.

Emmanuel is demanding for justice and calling on the government to apprehend the officers who killed his father in cold-blood.

“I don’t exactly know what made the government come to my house to detain me and shoot my father,” he said.

When contacted by Eye Radio, the national police spokesperson, Major General Daniel Justin says he is not aware of the murder.

“I don’t remember any murder case on the 18th; but if there is a case, then let me call the Chief of Kubri Habuba.”

Government forces have often been accused of violation of human rights, including extra-judicial killings and arbitrary arrest and detention.

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