30th September 2023
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Russia-Ukraine war: Juba stands with African group in UN Security Council, says Deng Dau

Author: Obaj Okuj | Published: Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Deng Dau Deng, South Sudan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Relations

South Sudan will stand with the position taken by the African Countries at the United Nations Security Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ and International Cooperation has said.

Kenya represents the East African Countries, while Gabon is representing the Central African Countries and Ghana represents the West African Countries.

Deng Dau, the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister said the government supports a foreign policy that provides for non-interference in the affairs of the other countries.

“South Sudan foreign policy doesn’t really interfere in the internal affairs of other states. However, South Sudan stands with the African group in the UN Security Council where we have three members of the African Continent representing African voices,” the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister said.

“We have the republic of Kenya that represents East Africa, the republic of Gabon that represents central Africa, and Ghana that represents western Africa. These are called A-THREE, representing the voice of the African Continent.

“Our stand as the African continent is together and our ambassador in New York stands with this group, so we don’t have a separate stand out of the African continent.

“Of course, when they vote, they will vote on the resolution that has been tabled by the United States of America condemning the attack on the sovereignty of Ukraine and it’s the only resolution now being tabled and being discussed.

“Any direction the African Continent will take, that is the direction that the Republic of South Sudan will take.”

Last week, Kenya’s ambassador to the UN Security Council condemned Russia’s decision to send troops into Ukraine.

Martin Kimani said the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine stands breached.

He added that the charter of the United Nations continues to wilt under the relentless assault of the powerful.

In separate development, Deng Dau said the only five South Sudanese students who were in the war torn Kharkiv city of Ukraine have crossed into Poland from Ukraine. He said arrangements were underway to air lift them back to South Sudan.

“We had very few students in a place called Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine where the bombardment started, and the five students who were in Ukraine all crossed to Poland.

Deng said the students, three of whom are females, crossed into Poland on Saturday and Sunday.

Editor Note: This is story has been updated to add more information.

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