24th June 2024
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Public blame City Council over row with water-tanks drivers

Author: Moyo Jacob Felix | Published: Thursday, February 16, 2023

Water tankers line up at the newly-built water-point in Juba. (Photo: Eye Radio).

Some members of the public have criticized Juba City Council for reacting “negatively” to the grievances of water tankers drivers.

On Wednesday, February 15, the City Council justified its decision to crackdown on water tank drivers, a move that prompted many water suppliers to desert water refiling stations.

The water tankers abandoned the newly installed water points in Juba after the city council allegedly imposed numerous fees on them.

Later, on the same day, Mayor Michael Lado Allah–Jabu warned the foreign water tanker drivers against sabotaging the government policies.

“I did not get any support that comes directly from our foreign communities making business in Juba City Council and yet they are working under ground in order to destroy our social fabric,” Allah-Jabu said.

“And specially in the field of regulations of our functions and roles. They are working underground in order to spoil our polices”.

The boycott of water-points by some trucks yesterday, is said to have affected water supply in the residential areas.

Commenting on the matter, James Dhuor blamed the City Council for improperly responding to the concerns of the water suppliers.

He called on the authorities to revive their policies or alternatively buy their own vehicles to supply water to Juba residents.

“The water tankers going for protests and the reaction of Juba City Council was also negative in regard to what took place because of high fees being imposed on them like 3,000 per trip,” he said.

“You need to have a fixed amount per day, not that you make it per a trip. That one if it is in your policy, that policy need to be revived before imposing on the water takers drivers.”

Dhuor adds: “They would have also bought their own water tankers, they provide water and they sell them to the people.”

Another caller who identified himself only as Lawrence, criticized the move by the city council.

He recommended that City Council should first secure water supply tracks if it opts to stop the foreign water suppliers.

“There are statements he spoke well but there are others that are not good. First of all, if they want to stop the water tankers, let them bring their own to supply for us water in the residential areas or connect water pipes to all areas.

On his part, James Kanol, another caller blames the government for working against the interest of the public and calls for reforms in the country to ensure the welfare of the citizens.

“I don’t think as government is doing in the welfare of the citizens of the country,” he said.

“So, it is their interest in which they have let these people go on strike, so there are numerous issues that needs to be reformed in the country and in such a way, I will not be in agreement with the city council administration”.

Meanwhile, Diany Deng criticized the water tanker drivers for portraying a negative image of the people of South Sudan.

According to Diany, any move undertaken by the city council shall be welcomed.

“You are sending a negative message that these people they don’t know how to save themselves, if I don’t work for them, they will die.”

“So that is why I agree with the town mayor that we will not die. 21 years of the war they were not here, and South Sudanese were alive. So, let them not disturb us. To me, let town mayor fix it from there.”

The citizens made the remarks during Eye Radio’s Sundown Program on Wednesday evening.

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